Daily Activities

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Daily Summer Camp Activities

At Laurus Summer Camp, each camper will participate in several group activities each day. These activities have been chosen to stimulate the body and mind, and help each child develop a healthy lifestyle. LSC also features a number of unique activities & programs found only at Laurus Summer Camp.

Daily Activities

Our daily activities are designed to enlighten your child on the importance of incorporating all aspects of healthy living. Physical activity, nutrition and education are all brought together to teach the value of a well-balanced lifestyle. At LSC, we want your child to feel comfortable and confident in every facet of life.

Team Sports

Campers will be exposed to numerous team sports on a daily basis. These team sports help foster a stronger understanding of leadership and teamwork. Sports will include soccer, hockey, football, baseball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer-baseball and many more!

Art Activities

Unique art activities will be developed to stimulate children and give them the ability to polish their creative sides.

Specialty Sport

A specialty sport will be selected each week. Campers will participate in a series of tournaments and games related to this specialty sport!

Unique & Specialty Activities

Our sports program was formulated to allow your child to reach their full physical potential. From full-sized basketball courts to regulation sized soccer fields, we have the most complete sports program offered in Montreal. At LSC, our mission is to teach your children the importance of physical activity through team leadership and team building.

Daily Smoothies

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle must include proper diet and nutrition. Each day during snack time, campers will have the option to take advantage of a freshly made smoothie. These smoothies will contain all of the nutrients for children to remain focused and active during the day!

Guest Speakers

Each week our campers will benefit from a guest speaker. These speakers, chosen from various fields, will give children the opportunity to experience a wide variety of lifestyles and careers. Speakers will include professional & amateur athletes, journalists, artists, musicians, actors & many more!

Leadership Enrichment Program

The Leadership Enrichment Program gives our older campers the opportunity to learn leadership skills, while taking on additional responsibilities within the camp. Campers who enroll in the Leadership program will participate in their daily STAs as well as other activities, but will also work closely with a counsellor & section. This allows them to get the overall best camp experience possible.

Safety Programs

Safety programs include weekly safety talks during healthy living and sports activities.