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Healthy and Nutritious Lunch Program

At Laurus Summer Camp we are proud to offer an optional lunch every day of the week. Each day your child will be provided with a nutritious meal made fresh by local restaurants. All foods served at Laurus Summer Camp are peanut free to ensure the safety of any campers with allergies. Parents should always send a snack (peanut free) and water/juice on the days their child is taking part in the lunch program.

The cost of the lunch program is $10/day. The lunch form along with the exact amount of money must be given to your child’s counsellor no later than the morning of lunch day.

Lunch Options Include:

  • Sushi Shop Sushi
  • Quinhua Steamed Dumplings
  • Yuki Artisan Sandwiches
  • Daily Vegan & Vegetarian Options