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Leadership Enrichment Program for Teens

Laurus Summer Camp offers a unique and one of a kind leadership program designed to engage and enrich the minds of older campers. Our goal is to provide campers with hands on opportunity to build useful and necessary skills that they can use, not only at camp, but also at home, at school, or anywhere they might need. Campers will learn from our highly qualified counsellors, vital skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, group dynamics, time management, and many more.

Our enrichment program provides your child with the tools necessary to become a great counsellor, as well as, creating an environment to help them grow as individuals and role models for other children. Campers who enroll in the Leadership enrichment program will participate in their daily STAs as well as other activities, but will also work closely with a counsellor & section. At Laurus Summer Camp we strive to create the best atmosphere for children to flourish as individuals and have a fun filled summer.