Healthy Living STA

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Healthy Living Specific Training Areas

LSC's innovative Healthy Living STAs give campers the opportunity to work with specialists trained to help each child learn and understand the different facets of a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

First Aid

At any age, the knowledge of First Aid is an important skills set. With our trained first aid specialists, each camper in the First Aid STA will learn the important techniques taught to first responders.


Our cooking STA allows campers to learn the tips and tricks used in popular dishes from around the world! This one is certainly a parental favorite!


At LSC, Leadership is at the forefront of our mission. With our Leadership STA, campers learn the important intricacies of being a leader, a program offered at no other camp.

Fitness & Weight Training

A mesh of fitness and weight training activities designed to stimulate both the most seasoned athlete and the aspiring ones!