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What Parents Have To Say About Laurus Summer Camp

"For the past 3 years, our boys, 10 and 13, have been attending Laurus Summer Camp for the entire summer. From the various activities - fundraising for causes, sports, and cooking to the phenomenal counsellors - their summers are filled with joy. This camp inspires children to reach their full potential, it builds their confidence, and gets them thinking about the environment. I guarantee your children will skip out of bed to get to LSC camp!"

John R.

"I can certainly understand why we cannot convince our son to attend any other summer camp, even after 4 years. Laurus Summer Camp is by far his favorite place to spend his summer holidays! The instructors are awesome, each one is so attentive to the campers and incredibly dynamic. The STA program is so diverse, allowing the kids to explore several different activities although our son prefers their sports, sports and more sports! The lunch program is really helpful and the drop off location is so convenient for parents. We are so grateful to have stumbled onto Laurus Summer Camp over 4 years ago and we leave our son at the camp 5-7 weeks per summer with peace of mind knowing that Ava and crew are really looking after him and that he’s so happy to be there. Thank you Laurus team, keep up the amazing job! See you in 6 months!"

Josée and Mats G.

"This summer [2016] was our first at Laurus Summer Camp. What really makes Laurus stand out to me? The counsellors! They are friendly and energetic while having the maturity to deal with high energy kids. My son came home happy and excited to tell me about his day - EVERY DAY. We haven't experienced this with the other day camps he previously attended. He enjoyed ordering lunches several times a week, and ending his day with a refreshing smoothie. I loved that his days were well-rounded, filled with sports, crafts, science, and charity projects. We are already looking forward to next summer!"

Elizabeth C.

"What a wonderful, warm group at Laurus Summer Camp. It was our son’s first year joining and he loved every moment of it!! The sports games, the fun... it was a wonderful experience!! A safe, fun place! Loved the counsellors , especially Ava!"

Athina S.

"Laurus is without a doubt the best summer camp in Montreal. The entire camp experience is designed to give the children an incredible summer. Keep it up!"

Paul A.

"Our two boys, ages 8 and 11, were registered for two weeks at Laurus Summer Camp. However, we quickly discovered that they were enjoying the camp so much that they asked if they could sign up for some additional weeks! We were happy to register them for the remaining six weeks. Every day they came home with stories to tell, and new skills they learned, from sports to cooking. My youngest learned to play basketball and developed an interest in cooking. My eldest joined the ‘leadership group’ where he learned how counsellors lead a group and how to be a responsible counsellor. What we feel sets this camp apart is the lifestyle approach, which includes bringing in speakers from various industries to speak to the children about their careers. Also, the diversity of the groups that they have set up, including groups for sports, science, cooking or dancing, makes this camp a very well-rounded environment for our kids. The counselors are very interactive, and they all have a very positive attitude with the children. Both of our boys agree that it’s the first camp they’ve attended where they do so many different activities in one day. My husband and I would highly recommend Laurus Summer Camp.
Our boys said next year, they want to go the entire summer!"

Angele K. - Westmount

"Laurus is without a doubt the best summer camp in Montreal. The entire camp experience is designed to give the children an incredible summer. Keep it up!"

Paul A.

"For years our children have hated their day camp. When we heard about Laurus, we sold them on trying it with the daily smoothies. They agreed and the rest is history. They love every single day. They come home with stories of their friends, their counsellors, what they did, what they are going to do. I can tell you as a parent, nothing makes us happier than seeing our children's eyes light up. Thank you Laurus!!"

Richard & Kathy N.

"Our children had been going to a popular sports camp for years. They were tired of the same routine, awful lunches and we couldn't stand the pick up and drop off. We decided to try Laurus for 2 weeks in 2014 and our children ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I cannot tell you the difference between the two camps. Laurus really makes the activities fun and engaging for the kids, and they are always available to answer questions and help. If you haven't already made the switch, you need to do so ASAP."

Marlee O. - Cote-St-Luc

"My husband and I were quite skeptical about sending our oldest to camp for the first time. After the first day she was hooked. For the whole summer we didn't stop hearing about the smoothies, the games, the lunches, everything. It seemed like every day was something new. I cannot tell you how thrilled we were with 2014, and are looking forward to sending our second child summer 2015! Have a great winter & see you in June!"

Lisa G. - Hampstead

"My daughter has been attending Laurus for the past two summers. I cannot tell you how exceptional of an experience this camp provides. Phil and Gabe are truly dedicated to making the camp fun, educational and engaging for all. Our daughter is more of an introvert, however at camp she made friends right away thanks to their wonderful staff. I have already recommend Laurus to all of my friends for next year!"

Marcus W. - Montreal

"I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" to your and your team for taking such good care of Jonathan and Krystal at camp. They had a wonderful time. They're still raving about your smoothies and Jonathan keeps showing me how flat his abs are from all the fitness he did. Thanks again!"

Carol W. - Montreal

"My son attended Laurus Summer Camp for 4 weeks this summer and had an absolute blast. I was hesitant to send him to camp because he had never been to a summer camp before. He was originally registered for two weeks and ended up staying an extra two because he enjoyed himself so much. He will definitely be returning next year!”

Angela M. - Westmount

"I was thrilled by Philip's response to all my questions and concerns on the phone prior to registering my 8 year old daughter. Everyone was very kind, flexible and professional. The location was terrific with easy drop off and pick up. The counsellors were mature and caring which is not common in summer camps !!
There is a genuine interest by the Laurus team to accommodate the interests of the children which pleased me and my daughter.
I have already recommended Laurus Summer Camp to my friends for 2014.
Our thanks to you, Philip, and your team."

Michelle K. - West Island

"Teresa, Alexia and I would just like to thank you and your counsellors for the great experience that Alexia had at your camp on the week of August 13 - 17.
We were highly impressed how the camp was so well run & organized. Everyone was very helpful, welcoming and provided the needful assistance wherever possible.
Our experience was truly incredible - from initial inquiry, registration to camp days.
Continue your excellent work! "

Stéphane & Teresa - Longueuil

"Well it pays to read what's on the street! Your big sign outside the camp was what got my attention and upon entering to inquire, the positive energetic vibe you get is a good feeling. My daughter Saphire had a great time at your camp, and we would recommend Laurus Summer Camp to anyone. The staff is enthusiastic and passionate.
See you guys in 2014!"

Kirk P. - Westmount

"We just moved in Montreal from Italy, and were looking for a summer camp for our 10 year old son who spoke only a few words in English, and just a little more French. Looking on the internet, we were happy to find Laurus Summer Camp, which seemed offer a lot of "promises", high quality service, and also include the support needed for our son to improve his language skills. We decided to send him for 4 weeks, hoping he could be supported enough and enjoy everything else offered.
The Laurus Summer Camp team kept every "promise", and we were happy to send our son to the Camp for 2 extra weeks! We are really grateful for the Laurus Summer Camp team, their abilities in education and communication, and their support. In those 6 weeks our son learned not only to speak better French and English, but also enjoyed full integration into the group, and participated in a lot of great sports and other activities. We hope to send him to the Camp again next year!"

Monica C. - Montreal

"This summer was the first time I sent my son to summer camp and it was a great experience for him. He looked forward to camp each and every day and always had great stories to share with us at dinner time! He became a lot better in many sports and was always in a great mood! So I thank Laurus Summer Camp for that! Every time we drive by the camp he talks about how he misses it and can't wait to go back and shares with us all the good memories he had there. I will definitely try to send him there again next summer along with his brother. "

Jenny M. - Westmount

“I cannot thank the Laurus Summer Camp team enough for their incredible job this summer. My daughter had a wonderful time. She still talks about how everyone was so friendly and everyday was so enjoyable! I knew every day that she would be safe with the staff, and would come home confident and excited for the next day. Kudos.”

Jerry E. – West Island

“We were drawn to Laurus Summer Camp because of their unique STA program. We wanted to give our sons extra academic help over the summer, specifically in math. It was quite amazing to see how engaged they were in the program. Our eldest son described the camp as “perfect”. See you in 2014!”

Kevin & Marina P. – Montreal

“A big Thank You to Philip and Gabriel for running Laurus Summer Camp. Certainly something that was missing in the Montreal area. No other camp combines the components that Laurus does to make such a successful program for the kids.”

Veronique B. - Westmount